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Your idea, your design, your bag

Overseas Information

Just imagine your idea and design being carried out step by step with the assistance of

our custom design department. Our overseas manufactories throughout the Pacific Rim

will ensure your project to have the best in quality and most competitive prices. It is
really a very simple and easy process.

So Wait No More! 

Present your idea or design today so we can take care of the rest.

Step By Step Process For A Custom Bag

  • Have an idea or design you wish to have custom made
  • Provide us a sketch of dimensions, materials, logos and functions
  • Quotation available usually within 24-48 hours
  • Provide artwork information such as method, color, size and location
  • A paper proof will illustrate your design, free of charge
  • A pre-production sample will ensure your design is carried out correctly before production
  • Standard lead time is 45-90 days
  • Terms: 50% deposit required for all overseas custom order. Balance due upon shipment or credit approved term
  • Shipping: F.O.B. City of Industry, CA., U.S.A.
    Our Shipping department will arrange the fastest and most economical services available, unless specified otherwise.

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